robyn paprocki:

Robyn makes sure projects have the right team and web of resources to execute a project seamlessly.

A producer manages the overall functions of a production or venue, raises funding, and recruits personnel for creative positions. A producer also creates, edits and orchestrates the content and installation of creative works. Robyn has served as a producer for many creative projects, two of which are shown in detail below.


Beauties and Beasties

Inspired by the majestic palm trees, reggae rhythms, and island motifs while visiting Jamaica, Rick Valicenti created as series of automatic Picasso-esque drawings that took the form of beauties and beasts. First exhibited in the Robert Jeffrey Salon on North Halsted, then moving to the Post Family’s space, Valicenti styled the series of Beauties and Beasties according to the vision of the You Are Beautiful campaign to delight and intrigue. The faces blend the lines of race, age, and even species, while maintaining a keen awareness of gender identity associations. The resulting portrait masks illustrate sheer otherworldliness.

Beauties and Beasties showcased two screen prints, a boxed set of the beauty and beast books, and a coloring book, each produced by Robyn. The boxed set was published by 5×7, a project of the Post Family’s Alex Fuller. The first 72 coloring books contain a hand-colored illustration by Valicenti and are also available through 5×7. Robyn also facilitated the gallery installations and receptions at both venues during her time with Thirst/3st.


In the Incubator

Rick Valicenti and Robyn Paprocki of Moving Design, in collaboration with Bud Rodecker and Baozhen Li of Thirst/3st and Leslie Thomas and Tess Landon of ArtWorks, engaged Ms. Williams’ second grade class at Overton Elementary School in Bridgeport on a Moving Design project titled In the Incubator, an installation of the alphabet handmade with Sculpey Clay by real emerging typographers at the intersection of education and personal expression.

The innocence and joy of these 7- and 8-year old unbridled spirits at play was captured
on film, in photos and as an audio recording. The pieces were later transcribed and a selection of the audio was typeset on a poster series to document the making process,
all produced by Robyn as Program Director of Moving Design.