robyn paprocki:

Robyn is a leader in the community.


Moving Design is a place where passionate designers with activist spirits respond to social and civic issues which benefit from communication design.

Our work is collaborative and focused on making public interventions on various scales. Most of what we design is prototypical and put into the world as a first iteration of an idea. At the end of our 4- to 8-week interventions, we have a vast collection of open source ideas and possible means to advance the public understanding of the issue.

For Moving Design’s 2013 Call-to-Action on Sustainable Living in the West Loop, Robyn was a lead Facilitator.

Robyn has also held many positions with organizations which have framed the discourse in Chicago’s creative community.

Facilitator, Moving Design, 2013
Program Director, Moving Design, 2012-Present
Curator, Comfort Station, 2013-Present
Program Advisory Committee, Chicago Design Museum, 2013
Events Advisor, Chicago Design Museum, 2012

At Thirst, she collaborated on award-winning projects.
FPO Awards, Holly Hunt Product Brochure, 2013
FPO Awards, Jessica Lagrange Interiors Valentine, 2013
UCDA Competition, College for Creative Studies MFA Recruitment Book, 2013
STA Archive 12, Contract Magazine, 2012
STA Archive 12, Maya Romanoff Advertising Campaign, 2012