robyn paprocki:

With an eye for groundbreaking work and a unique perspective on connecting people and ideas, Robyn curates shows by design legends, masters, and freshmen, encouraging them to push the boundaries of possibility. This leads to one-of-a-kind collections that are at once profound and approachable.


US: Ark of the Archetype / The Politics of Projection
Rick Valicenti
Inland Steel Building Lobby
Fall 2012

This installation was created with support from the Art Loop Alliance and the Chicago Design Museum.

Artist Statement:
Each voter is unique. Each voter is sacred.

With each vote cast, we know implicitly that in order to fulfill their promises and vision, a candidate will take on certain archetypes—sometimes they will be the motivator and other times the scholar, and on certain occasions, when we need them to be our doctor, or simply the good neighbor, they will mirror those impressions too. It’s the sum of these impressions that paints the portrait of US. We trust our elected individuals to be of the people, for the people.

Here’s to the 100%.



Matthew Hoffman
Comfort Station
Summer 2013

Following the success of We Are All in This Together works in 2012, Matthew Hoffman took a new path for his works which were simultaneously reflective and restorative. Hoffman often demonstrates a masterful balance of richly emotive language and handcrafted prowess in his works. He is best known for his pieces that promote positivity through clear and simple language. Matthew’s work is to be admired and cherished, as it speaks directly to the core of human emotion—fear, love, frailty, whimsy, regret—by using the most fundamental language.

This body of work titled Independent is a reawakening of the spirit that leads us through moments of merit, honor, and virtue. The exhibit will focus on the societal norms for moving from one phase of life to the next, and the traditional markers that help us find the way. We establish ourselves through independent creation, but generate the most impact through the combined inspiration of the individuals in our community.

We are still in this together.



Jonathan Petersen
Comfort Station
Summer 2013

Jonathan Petersen, best known for his highly conceptual and beautifully executed infographics, presents for the first time a body of work that is simultaneously sophomoric and illuminating. The narrative of And They Only Bloom at Night takes us through a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is rife with adolescent naivety.

The eight-part sequential-art narrative explores the issues surrounding war, nature, metaphysical confusion and omnipotence. At its simplest, it is a violent and ridiculous hero’s journey. Reflecting the story’s war-torn and otherworldly settings, the imagery is loose and heavily stylized, brought to life with rough India ink scratchings and controlled vector art. And They Only Bloom at Night was developed over the course of two years, coming to completion in 2012.